10 Best Things to Do in Sivota (Greece)

Over the last years Sivota has gradually transformed from a small coastal village into a popular tourist destination.

The town on the coast of the Ionian Sea could be described as a hidden gem.

Established in antiquity, the settlement combines wonderful Mediterranean climate, scenic landscapes, rural atmosphere and beautiful architecture.

The greatest treasure, however, is the sea.

Limpid warm waters and tempting beaches are what attracts the foreign visitors here.

If you decide to spend the next summer holiday in Sivota, here is what not to miss while there:

1. Glass bottom boat trip

glass bottom boat
Glass bottom boat by Sivota Pisina Taxi

The glass bottom boat trips are one of the most exciting experiences and are at the same time quite affordable.

They are not an alternative to the underwater sports and activities but are rather a fast and easy way to explore the underwater world of the village of Sivota and the islands which are scattered along the coast.

As the water is very clear, you will be able to see a number of sea creatures and colorful reefs.

The glass bottom boats are the best way to get an idea of how it looks like the relief below the sea surface in some of the most beautiful areas in the Ionian Sea.

2. Swimming

bella vraka beach
Bella Vraka Beach by DroneworX TS/YouTube

If you are not a big fan of the sea entertainment, the village of Sivota and the islands could be a bit boring for you.

If you love the water sports and beach activities, however, this place offers a wide range of things to do.

Of course, swimming is one of them.

The beaches in the area are mostly rocky.

However, this is the main reason for the incredibly clear turquoise water.

Considering the flat and smooth sea surface, this is one of the top destinations in Greece to swim.

You can enjoy the sea from April till the end of October.

However, in April the sea water could be a little bit cool.

3. Snorkeling

With no matter if it comes to the village or some of the neighbouring islands of the same name, this is one of the snorkeling hot spots in Greece.

You will be able to enjoy the incredibly rich underwater life thanks to the visibility reaching up to about 40 or 50 meters in sunny weather.

Sivota village and islands are a good choice for beginners and people who have never tried to snorkel before.

The shallow and safe waters in the area are what attracts here entire families with kids or elderly people.

4. Scuba diving

scuba diving
Scuba diving by Andres Papp/Flickr

With no matter if you are an experienced diver or an amateur, the azure limpid waters of Sivota are the best choice for you.

Some of the most experienced diving instructors on the west coast of Greece offer diving courses here.

A number of reefs are waiting to be explored.

Incredible relief forms and great variety of species of sea creatures will make you adventure unforgettable.

5. Join a day cruise to the Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon
Blue Lagoon by Wondergreece/Flickr

If you visit a local travel agency, you will notice that the Blue Lagoon always presents in the offers of all of them.

The popular spot is deeply recommended and if you join an organized tour, you won’t regret.

Blue Lagoon is located in a small cove on the northeastern coast of Nisida Sivota (one of the Sivota islands).

The turquoise color of the water is too tempting so you probably won’t resist the opportunity to swim around the boat.

You should consider that the water is up to 4 meters deep so you definitely need at least basic swimming skills.

6. Buy souvenirs

souvenirs shop
Souvenirs shop by Melinda van den Brink/Flickr

Sivota village is a very good place if you want to buy some souvenirs for your family and friends at home.

As the settlement still keeps the authentic rural spirit, you can find a number of interesting handmade goods to choose from.

Probably one of the most interesting are the typical olive wood goods.

You can choose from a wide range of options, including cutting boards, bowls, spoons and forks as well as different forms of decorations such as sculptures or boxes.

7. Try traditional food at the harbour

evening rest at the harbour
Evening rest at the harbour by Anita Szeicz/Flickr

Sivota is a traditional Greek village and is not the typical tourist center.

It is a place of old traditions and thus it is very easy to find some nice taverna to try the authentic taste of the Greek food.

The most lively part of the city is the harbour and this is also the place with the biggest choice of places to have a cup of coffee or to try the best seafood you can imagine.

Octopus, squid, shrimp and many others are offered in large portions with the most delicious salads in the Mediterranean.

8. Go to Parga

view to parga
View to Parga by Anita Szeicz/Flickr

The city of Parga is one of the top destinations on the west coast of Greece.

It is well-known for its beautiful architecture and colourful buildings.

It offers a number of museums, historical landmarks, monuments and some of the most scenic beaches in the area.

It is located about half an hour drive to the south of Sivota.

9. Jump to Corfu for a day

corfu seaside
Corfu seaside by Samuel S/Flickr

Corfu is considered the best Greek Island in the Ionian Sea.

In addition, it is located only about 10 km off the mainland coast of Sivota village.

Local tourist agencies organize regular boat trips to the most fertile Ionian island. It is definitely a great experience.

You can choose from different options, including a visit to a particular village in Corfu or a boat trip around the entire island.

10. Visit the Cave of Mourtos

cave of sivota
Cave of Sivota by Pinterest

The Cave of Mourtos (also known as the Cave of Sivota) is one of the most popular natural sites of Sivota Islands.

All local travel agents offer affordable day trips to this wonderful place.

It is located on the southwest coast of the Sivota Islands and the only way to get there is by boat.


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